Riding the Guerrillla Highway

Riding the Guerrillla Highway
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guerrilla Highway reaches over 100 copies sold! + FREE Preview

You can preview the book on the publisher's website HERE if you haven't already convinced been by me to check out this story! Watching the snow pile up in quite Silverton. Just took a ride on my new GT XCR full suspension  mt bike i bought with book sales $ (thank you patrons!), I rode in a snowstorm on snowpacked roads...South America Warm weather dreaming! Feliz ano nuevo!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Venezuela Guerrilla Hwy Pics

 Finishing the ride...Overlooking Caracas
 "The Bus incident"
 Aftermath of "The bus incident"
 Guerrilla Highway conquered, outside Caracas
 Boxing up the Pinchmaster in a crapped Caracas hostel
 Northern Venezula Countriside
 Good German Beer in Colinas
 Road Warriors
Colinas tovar

These are the last pics from the End of the 2007 trip. Pics are in Reverse order, see previous post for more pics!

Friday, November 26, 2010

pinche pinchmaster rivived from slickrock trail in moab...its final ride

The poor pinche took its last ride on the moab classic slickrock trail in early november. Only to get it's final flat 2/3 of the way around the loop trail. the tough sandstone tore right through the back tire, leaving a 6 inch unrepairable gash. With daylight fading I rode the tattered pinchmaster out on the flat tire and already bent beyond belief back rim. I made it close to the practice loop turn off before frustratingly ditching it in some junipers away from the trail. I thought this was the best ditch strategey because I was still forced to hitchhike back to Moab where my car was. This would of been its final resting spot but, since I was back in MOAB for t-day I made a point to hike in and retreive it. Never to be fixed or riden again the fate of the notorious pinche pinchmaster  will likely be an art project of some sorts....well over 10000 km,,,and almost 2 decades old.. pinche pinchmaster, you've had your final flat, RIP...art project awaits

Monday, November 15, 2010

ciudad perdida pics

Wezeling our way guideless into the Lost Capital of Taironia
Ciudad Perdida
 El pozo Azul o Rio Machete?
 geared up for a 4 day trek
 Valles Verdes
 Slim Ration Suzzy
 Looking down the cable car crossing
 A bit sketchy looking for first try...
 the village of the 'Gente Indigena'
 huts in the jungle house possible decendents from acient Taironia?
 La Gente Curiosa
 Green rivers wander from remote hidden valleys

 out of the jungle emerges
 From deep within
Ciudad Perdida ~ The Lost City.....La Encontremos...

more colombia coast and carnival

 Leaning on Cartegena's Fortress walls
 Coastal Highway
 Estuary fishing
 Puerto de Colombia

 Hermanos  ~ Rumberos
 Carnival colage from E-book
 Carnival ohh Mami
 We love comida
 the crew at Mario's Uncle's house in Baranquilla
 ahhh yes cream helado,,que saborsita!
 Santa Marta
 Statue of conquistador in Santa Marta, Colombia's first settled city
 The nice walk to Playa grande from Taganga
El mar Caribe

Cartegena Photos

 random beach folk
 guitaristas in Cartegena

 old crashes against new in the cartegena cityscape

 watercolor peddlers
 playa blanca
 domincana colombiana coconut sellers
Gelato love