Riding the Guerrillla Highway

Riding the Guerrillla Highway
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Friday, November 26, 2010

pinche pinchmaster rivived from slickrock trail in moab...its final ride

The poor pinche took its last ride on the moab classic slickrock trail in early november. Only to get it's final flat 2/3 of the way around the loop trail. the tough sandstone tore right through the back tire, leaving a 6 inch unrepairable gash. With daylight fading I rode the tattered pinchmaster out on the flat tire and already bent beyond belief back rim. I made it close to the practice loop turn off before frustratingly ditching it in some junipers away from the trail. I thought this was the best ditch strategey because I was still forced to hitchhike back to Moab where my car was. This would of been its final resting spot but, since I was back in MOAB for t-day I made a point to hike in and retreive it. Never to be fixed or riden again the fate of the notorious pinche pinchmaster  will likely be an art project of some sorts....well over 10000 km,,,and almost 2 decades old.. pinche pinchmaster, you've had your final flat, RIP...art project awaits

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