Riding the Guerrillla Highway

Riding the Guerrillla Highway
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 1 PR project

Puerto Rico day 1. It's pouring rain and I'm waiting for Neri to pick me up to go to a yoga class. She dropped me off at a mall of all places to bask in white light materialism Mecca of all things us while she went to take care of 'estudios.' puerto Rico is just the Spanish speaking US. Not as different as I imagined Maccoroni Grill just posts their ofertas en espanol and white guys in SUVs speak perfect Spanish.

         Yesterday already proved that the power of intention transfers through the air and over Caribbean waters.  On my flight from Denver I was just slightly thinking about wanting to connect with someone who could help perpetuate some of my many ideas. An investor of sorts. I had Been brooding over this for some time but only gave it slight thought at the moment. The man sitting next to me in the back of the plane intrigued me. He looked business and he looked Boulder. He spoke Brooklyn. Just looking at him I decided he was a cyclist, an entrepreneur and from new York. I was right. We talked cycling, writing, racing, and investing , during deicing. I told him of my  books and property in the San Luis valley and big ideas. "Im always looking for investments and I put together people and  fundraise" he tells me and we exchange emails. Venture capitalist contact with similar world views manifested! I made it to puerto Rico on time at 8 pm and righ away I message couch surfer contact Neredia, 46 yr old puertoriquena. the string of messages from her is still open ended with no real confirmation of 'I will there to pick u up at 8' 'I am here at passenger pick up' I message. I asked several times for her phone number and gave her mine in the messaging but she wouldn't give the number over the net. Maybe she'll come.... Or not. I give her the Latino 20 min then start looking for hostels in San Juan. Thank god  my 3 g works here I tell myself. I approach a lady that resembles her profile pic and say her name even though my common sense tells me it's not her. Disculpe? I tell my story in Spanish to a puerto rican woman waiting there and I show her the string of messages on my phone and we both convince ourselves that Neredia is just a spambot and should probably just get a taxi. I knew she wasn't a bot and instead just a discerning middle aged lady on Latin time but it seemed I had to believe I'd been played long enough so I got in the taxi. 10 min into the ride she calls 'I at the airport where are you?' the taxi drops me off and she retrieves me. $20 wasted because I didn't believe and trust in my own manifestation.  Discerning Neri is muy amable and wants to take me all around San Juan in night rain. I kinda just want to play a few songs for her and go to bed for I'm still battling a horrible cough. I try to be easy. She takes me to a salsa bar where retirees come off the cruise ship to dance. I try to be simpatico and dance with her. We leave and shes figity not knowing what to with me. 'I don't have space in my house but I can't bring you to a hotel' she tells me repeadly. I know this is a lie because the car she's driving is eaisly 35k. Still she fails to see the whole point in couch 
surfing. I tell her I can camp on the beach. We drive on. How do I get her to trust me I ponder? Even if I do stay in a downtown hotel I'm still in a bad spot cause I'll never get a ride to the east side of the island. After all this isn't latin America this is the us there's no public bus. I see a billboard advert with a yoga pose and I start to tell Neri about yoga. Me enchanta el yoga she says. This brings the fear down somehow and she begins, 'vamos a hacer una cosa' I sleep comfortably in her spare bedroom. Win. First couch surfing expierence ok. Free signed copy of guerrilla hwy and personalized yoga class for Neri the puerto rican retiree. Now to manifest sun so I can head on to the beach...

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