Riding the Guerrillla Highway

Riding the Guerrillla Highway
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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Puerto Rico Project

The Puerto Rico Project.

The idea of this experiment is to see if and how good things manifest themselves with good intention. Is the power of manifestation real? Do events or occurrences manifest themselves only under selfless intention? Do things come only when necessary, in dire need, or whenever at random, or only when intention is pure. Is it better to just manifest and wait what comes your way or should one seek out and work for their intentions.
            Thus far I can attest that in my own life wishes do come true. And they come true more often under pure unselfish intentions. Believing and faith is sometimes better than trying desperately to make things happen. But it seems that some effort and focus is often needed. Let’s see what works best in Puerto Rico.
            So 10 days, well really 9 and a half days, 1 man with great intentions but no set plan. I bring one small backpack with camping gear, a yoga mat, a ukulele, $300 cash, and a positive attitude. How much fun can I have and still stay out of trouble?

Primary Intention: Have as much fun as possible being my vibrant self.
Mantra:  Every situation is an opportunity to share love and joy. Keep smiling.

Goals for the trip.
Take time to do yoga and play music every day. Teach yoga at least once, write a song.
Swim in several beautiful places, be warm!
Take time to write at least 3 good sessions.
Dance with Puerto Ricans
Get invited to a party
Go sailing or fishing for free
Buy food for someone and also receive a free meal.
Get shown to a really cool place that I would not have found on my own.
Speak Spanish, stay out of trouble.

Simple enough right? Well lets get back to a little of making it happen. All this on 300 dollars still can be a challenge. My basic budget will be $50 day 1 to get from the airport and sleep safely. The rest of the time will have to be about $25 a day which will only cover food a bit of transport and maybe a couple of beers. If more is needed I can manifest it or manage on less right!
Vamos a Puerto Rico! TOO DAM cold here. Negatives ahead all week!
Photo is the Homestead under snow, old stomping grounds revisited!

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