Riding the Guerrillla Highway

Riding the Guerrillla Highway
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Puerto Rico project 'las islas'

So the rain stopped and  Neri happily drove me to fajardo so I could catch a ferry to some smaller islands known  for beautiful remote beaches. I would camp at a beach park and catch the ferry the next morning. Neri is taken aback when I find a coconut, smash it on the concrete and start eating it. Coconuts would become a major part of my diet for the next week. I was the only tent at the huge grassy  camp ground. Hmmm seems sketch? The first plunge into the caribbean reminded me why I came here. The water is perfect and the night remains warm long after sunset but not too warm. Tranquilo. I spend several hours sitting in plastic chairs under the orange glow of a street light having a very deep conversation in Spanish with a lady assigned to be the all night bathroom guard. She assures me that if I just paid her 1 dollar for restroom privileges I wouldn't need to pay the $10 campground fee and could stay as long as I wanted. I share heartfelt stories and song with her as the frogs and crickets chirp for hours. This is probably the longest  puro  espanol conversation of my life. She insists that  I wake at 545 and go with her pre rooster to the ferry dock to catch the ferry which supposedly would have people waiting from 4 am. I go to bed excited for the shitshow of 'the big ferry' mañana. Feeling full of life and spreading joy!

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